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Enjoy your faith, freedom, and the pursuit of life enrichment at The Village.

Discover a lifestyle that feels genuine, at the only Life Plan Community in Johnson City, TN.

The Village has been a full-service Life Plan Community since 1966, longer than any other community in the Tri-Cities. In fact, we remain the only Life Plan Community in all of Johnson City, TN. Our cornerstones include faith, 50 years of trusted senior living experience and stability, and a not-for-profit commitment to enrich the lives of seniors and their families. It is with the integrity of these cornerstones that we help our residents to evolve with their changing needs and desires.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of residence and lifestyle choices in neighborhoods designed for: Independent Living, Independent Living Plus, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation Services, Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing Care.

You’ll also find something of immeasurable value: the ability to be yourself while keeping the values you hold dear to your heart.

Our Vision: To fulfill and delight our residents!

  • What sets Cornerstone Village apart from other retirement communities?

    We are the first and only Life Plan community in the Tri-Cities, and a not-for-profit organization that Stays True to its vision by reinvesting all of its revenue back into our community.

  • What is a Life Plan Community?

    To meet the needs of this generation, senior living communities have transformed from care providers into vibrant Life Plan Communities that offer a range of residential options and new opportunities for creative, educational and personal exploration.

    Cornerstone Village is a contemporary and forward-looking Life Plan Community. We are first and foremost a trusted advisor for those seeking information about senior living communities and lifestyles. Our 50 years of senior living experience and expertise is yours to draw upon, and we’d love to help guide and inform your life’s next chapter.

    It is our commitment to Stay True to you, your dreams, and plans for the future, which includes continuing health care and financial security.

  • Did you recently change your name?

    Yes. Consumer research showed us that many local residents thought of us as “the nursing home on the hill.” Nothing could be further from the truth. We desired a name that would better represent our active and vibrant Life Plan Community — a senior living destination that Stays True to its East Tennessee roots and cornerstones: kind, welcoming and genuine people of all faiths.

  • Why ‘Cornerstone Village’?

    For 50 years, we’ve been referred to as “The Village,” a place where people come together, share, enjoy, and live harmoniously. The word “Cornerstone” particularly resonated with our Board of Trustees because, in Biblical times, a cornerstone was used as the foundation upon which a building was constructed, and we certainly want our Village to be the cornerstone of our residents’ lives.

    We are also a “Cornerstone” in the Tri-Cities area — an East Tennessee original that’s a trusted senior living advisor, service provider, and first-of-its-kind Life Plan Community that can offer you health care and financial security for life plus the ability to Stay True to all the things that make you unique.

  • Has your mission changed?

    No. Our mission continues to be: To reflect Christ’s love as the premier regional provider of quality senior living. Combine that with our steadfast vision to Stay True to and fulfill and delight our residents, and you realize that nothing has changed except our name.

  • Do you offer health care services and accommodations?

    Yes. We offer Independent Living Plus for those who require the services of a personal care concierge, and Assisted Living neighborhoods on our North and South campuses. Cornerstone Village North also offers rehabilitation services and skilled and long-term care. Cornerstone Village South also offers memory support services, which are available to all residents.


  • Do you offer chapel services?

    We offer a great many faith and fellowship opportunities. Those opportunities are robust and continuously expanding. In fact, we’ve recently added a mini-concert on the last Friday of each month featuring the older hymns our residents love.

  • What’s next?

    That’s a question we love to entertain early and often, as we’re always evolving and introducing programs and services that help us Stay True to our vision, values and residents.


Click here to schedule a tour or call 1-877-584-3412. There are so many wonderful things to discover about us!

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