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Commit to your financial plan.

The Village Life is surprisingly affordable!

Cornerstone Village is a not-for-profit Life Plan Community, making us uniquely qualified and committed to help you maintain your financial goals. We don’t answer to shareholders, so we can be flexible in finding you the most affordable senior living option.

It’s natural to be concerned about affordability, downsizing, and selling your home to enable your move to a senior living community. At The Village, we have the expertise and resources to help you address and overcome these concerns.

  • Compare your cost of living.

    First, it’s important to see the value of everything that comes included with The Village life!

    Total up the expenses you pay each month now: home maintenance and repairs, food, utilities, property taxes, transportation, entertainment … all the regular bills you pay. Then compare that total to the services and amenities included in your resident’s package at The Village. People are usually surprised how much farther their dollars go here.

    We have a range of financial options, depending upon your budget and goals. Contact us now or call 1-877-584-3412.

  • Get help to finance your move.

    People often worry about selling their home or liquidating their assets before they can move. We offer you the resources that enable you to arrange financing so that you can move now and sell your home on a comfortable timetable, without having to liquidate your assets. Through our partnership with Elderlife Financial Services, you have options to help you sell your home, move to The Village, and have access to capital for long-term security. This program has helped people achieve their goals at 3,000 senior living communities across the country.

    Let us help you with whatever it takes! Contact us now!


Contact us today for more information. Call 1-877-584-3412 or click here to fill out a contact form online.

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